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‘’your challenge is our success we will be your knight in shining armour”



Premier Customs Specialists recognizes its responsibility to promote regulatory compliance through education, audit support and the maintenance of complete and accurate Customs records. In an era of rapidly emerging global markets, tight budgets, and scarce resources, maintaining compliance with Customs requirements while minimising duty and related charges is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.

To assist our clients in achieving the highest level of compliance, Premier Customs Specialists will provide guidance and assistance in any matter relating to Customs. Premier Customs Specialists is your safety net to ensure that a Customs audit does not result in financial penalties being imposed on your business. Premier Customs Specialists operations provide a comprehensive suite of Customs planning that improve profitability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our detailed, non-intrusive reviews of your organisation’s import and export activities will identify potential savings opportunities.


Our seasoned professionals have years of experience supporting premier companies in all aspects of Customs compliance and operational effectiveness. Our qualified staff are continuously learning and upgrading their knowledge to ensure that our Clients are compliant and at low risk for Administrative Monetary Penalties .


Our Vision: To be the best Customs Consultancy company in South Africa.


Our Strategies: To put together the finest TEAM of individuals available, focusing on the needs of our customers, while offering friendly, personalized service, high levels of automation, and solid technical expertise. Our Values: Accountability, integrity, honesty and the respect of all people.